News for todays reset (29/05/2015)

- Seraphin, QK, Minhoca bolada boss were edit for less defense and power.

- Some drops were change check Boss drop list

- GMup droping again, in CTO only, this GM up will be working only on helmets, please do not try to upgrade any other part level 80 only helmets.


Dont forget this week x15 kills event :) have fun all heroes!!




1.100.000 HP= 40 $ / R$ 50 / 1750 PHP

900.000 HP = 30 $ / R$ 40 / 1300 PHP

400.000 HP = 15 $ / R$ 20 / 660 PHP

200.000 HP = 10 $ / R$ 15 / 440 PHP
VIP (lvl 81) + 200k HP (Monthly)= 10$ / R$ 15 / 440PHP



For more information, talk to [ADM]Sharpshoot, Skype loreant84, or in facebook heroes page. r email


Important Announcement, Mainteinance 05-2015
Hello all Heroes, first of all i would like to thank you for your patience in this period of
hard work that we had, for the past 3 weeks we have been working nonstop to bring you
nice items and more fun to our server. Next I will explain all the updates of this mainteinace

- Lvl 80 instant level to all: The actual lvl 70 players will be automatically upgraded to 80
after maint is over, after that, all new players will start as lvl 80 toons.
- New items: The new items added in game are, new set lvl 80, new set lvl 81 for VIP (will explain that later) New lapis for helmet (Helm Craft Power, Helm Shrewd Power,Helm Safe Power, Helm Wise Power and Helm Mystic Power) New cape level 80 ( Anubis Cape, Seth´s Cape) new Accesories level 80 (Isis Glory Loop, Isis Glory Necklace , Isis Glory Ring)

*How will it work? The actual level 70 items will be free for new players in Auction house, we are always thinking in the best for our new members. All the lvl 80 items will be droping in game, all you need to do is play and make raids for bosses.
*Will GM UP be working on new gear? No. all new gear will be droping so you guys have to link it and stated it, the idea is to have fun and that players have something to do in game.
*What will happen to GM up? GM UP is gonna be remove from bosses, the people that have GM UP in game, can use it as an exception to Upgrade Cape (ONLY CAPE) please call a GM or ADM to upgrade for you, that until GM ups are no longer in game.

For all players and for Donators:

-VIP section:
The VIP is a membership that donators buy (price will be in the site soon) the membership last for 30 days.
*What happen when you buy VIP membership? Players will have lvl 81 Char, and will have access to a map where lvl 81 gear and weapons drop. When that membership is over, if they dont buy it again they will drop back to lvl 80 but they can keep the gear in inventory until they buy again the VIP.


From now on, we are not selling full sets anymore, we will be selling AP, and all items will be in webmall so everyone can buy and link as they wish.

Well heroes this is all for now, for any questions dont forget that you can contact me in Shaiyaheroes Facebook page, in skype, or email, also you can contact any of our staff members that will help you in anything that you need, Hope everyone have fun. Dont forget to invite more friends, and to vote for server to gain AP.

Att. [ADM]Sharpshoot and heroes staff

New boss drops LVL 80

Kimuraku Drop: GM stat,New ele, Debuff, Isis Glory Necklace

Seraphim Drop: Isis Glory Ring, New ele, x2 Debuff, PLH

Secreta Drop: New helm lapis, new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Dentatus Drop: New helm lapis, new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Lumen Drop: New helm lapis, new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Ales Drop: New helm lapis, new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Minhoca bolada Drop: Isis Loop, GM stat, Weapons lvl 80

Gigante Guerreiro Daleon Drop: weapons lvl 80, perfect lapis

Nazgul Drop: New cape lvl 80, perfect lapis, PLH

Opalus Drop: New Cape, Perfect Lapis, PLH

Cryptic the one (DC) Drop: Shield Dark, GMUP , Perfect Lapis

Fury Kirhiross Drop: GM stat, absorp lvl 8, Perfect Lapis, New Lapis For Helmet

Fierce Nantarios Drop: GM stat, absorp lvl 8, Perfect Lapis, Shield Light

Cryptic the Imortal (DC) Drop: Pants lvl 80, Perfect Lapis

Queen Kaizerin Drop: GM stat, New Ele, boots lvl 80

Cannibal Hydra Drop: GM stat, perfect lapis, New Helmet for lapis

Queen Vanus Drop: Perfect Lapis, Weapons level 80

Cryptic the Last (DC) Drop: Guants lvl 80, Perfect Lapis, New element

Nyctimene Drop: Top level 80, GM stat, Element lapis, Weapons lvl 80

Update 27/02

Hello guys after our new update some of you are having problems to update it using our updater. how to fix : download the files of our upgrade by clicking Here and extract them in you game folder, and if you did the upgrade normally and you game is closing suddenly thats is the reason : we send for all a upgrade to anti-cheats, when you are playing and open some cheat software like Cheat engine, Shaiya Packet editor, Shaiya Injector and Shaiya Viper you game will close, the only known bug is : you cant play with Internet Explorer opened. Good game. Play fair!

Shaiya Heroes Reborn!!!

Hello friends , our beloved server is back and will again be one of the best private server Shaiya . This time  we back to stay and more stronger then ever, HP/ MP / SP fixed, Invasion System Working, kills fixed and now we have 31 diferent rankings starting from0 and going into 1 million, the server is instant level with all necessary itens to start are in Action House Npc’s, 100% of itens can be dropped in Game and we have a competently staff ( some members have more then 5 years of experience) .We are starting over , but we will back to the old Glory, so what are you waiting for? download the client check our server and help us to remake the best shaiya private server .

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