Hello dear heroes, hope everyone is having a great time, in my name and in the name of heroes staff, we would like to thank you all  for your dedication to our server :) and we are working really hard to make server even better, so thats why we are gonna start making some changes, we need that all players that already have the client, to download the new updater that is available in Download link, this is very important for you to do this guys beacuse for next updates if you use your old updater it cant corrupt your client and you will have to download the whole game again. Its a very easy and fast download, thank you all for your time, and do this TODAY dont waste time. This is all for now, and again thank you for your support.

                                                                                               [ADM]Sharpshoot and Heroes staff

olá heroes, espero todos voces estejam tendo um bom jogo, no meu nome e o nome da equipe do heroes , gostaríamos de agradecer a todos por sua dedicação ao nosso servidor :) e estamos trabalhando duro para tornar o servidor ainda melhor é por isso que nos vamos começar fazer algumas mudanças, precisamos de todos os jogadores que ja tem o cliente, para baixar o novo updater que esta no link do Download, é muito importante voces fazerem isso porque para as proximas mudanças do jogo se voce usar o updater antigo voce pode perdero seu cliente e vai ter que baixar de novo. É um download muito fácil e rápido para fazer, Obrigado pelo tempo de voces, tem que fazer isso AGORA . Isso é tudo pelos momentos, e de novo  muito obrigado pelo seu apoio.

[ADM]Sharpshoot e a equipe do heroes


New boss drops

Kimuraku Drop: GM stat,New ele, Debuff, PLH

Seraphim Drop: Goddess acc, New ele, x2 Debuff, PLH

Panda Drop: Accesorios lvl 30, Snowboard

Santa Troll Drop: Gear lvl 30 x2, helm lvl 30

Secreta Drop: x2 new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Dentatus Drop: x2 new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Lumen Drop: x2 new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Ales Drop: x2 new ele, GM stat, Abs lvl 8

Minhoca bolada Drop: Armas lvl 70 x1, Goddess Accs x2, GM stat

Gigante Guerreiro Daleon Drop: Armas lvl 70 x2, Goddess Accs x1, perfect lapis

Nazgul Drop: Armas lvl 70 x2, Goddess Accs x1, perfect lapis

Opalus Drop: Armas lvl 70 x2, Goddess Accs x2, Perfect Lapis, PLH

Pink Bear Drop: Armaslvl15, gearlvl15, snowboard,accs lvl15, cape lvl15

Big Teddy Drop: Armaslvl30, Cape x2, accs lvl30, Perfect Lapis

Cryptic the one (DC) Drop: GM up, Armas 70 x2, Perfect Lapis, Goddess Acc

Fury Kirhiross Drop: GM stat, absorp lvl 8, Perfect Lapis, Goddess Acc

Fierce Nantarios Drop: GM stat, absorp lvl 8, Perfect Lapis, Goddess Acc

Cryptic the Imortal (DC) Drop: Armas 70 x2, GM up, Perfect Lapis

Queen Kaizerin Drop: GM stat, New Ele, Arma lvl 70

Cannibal Hydra Drop: GM stat, Goddess Acc, perfect lapis, PLH

Queen Vanus Drop: GM up, Perfect Lapis, Armas lvl 70

Cryptic the Last (DC) Drop: Armas 70 x2, Perfect Lapis, New element

Nyctimene Drop: GM up, GM stat, Element lapis, Goddess Acc


Lapis lvl 5 droping in map 1 Beika, Mobs Small Thief Monkey and FOx

Lapis lvl 5 Droping in map 1 Gliter, Mobs: Short Tail Black Puma, Hunter Larva, Worker larva

Update 27/02

Hello guys after our new update some of you are having problems to update it using our updater. how to fix : download the files of our upgrade by clicking Here and extract them in you game folder, and if you did the upgrade normally and you game is closing suddenly thats is the reason : we send for all a upgrade to anti-cheats, when you are playing and open some cheat software like Cheat engine, Shaiya Packet editor, Shaiya Injector and Shaiya Viper you game will close, the only known bug is : you cant play with Internet Explorer opened. Good game. Play fair!

How to do GM UP

Hello Guys that’s a video teaching how to do GM Up … Enjoy

Shaiya Heroes Pvp Event

Has been an honor to rebuild this server with the help of all,to all of you a huge thank you,but we still have much to do,but we are on the riht way . Jungle Pvp + Naked Event (28/12/14) with 80 players on!

Security Upgrade

Hello Heroes, some of you may have problems with login in game. The reason is that there is a new and better protection. You need to deactivate your anti-virus program and do the update. After that you can finally log in game and reactive you antivirus, If you still have problems after that pls include our updater and game.exe in the exceptions of you anti-virus(that upgrade is really nescessary to our anti-Hack system, and dont ill be possible play without do this upgrade , who need some type of personal assistance in that process PM me in skype: marcelo_m.s. ty all)!Enjoy playing!
Your Heroes Staff

Shaiya Heroes Reborn!!!

Hello friends , our beloved server is back and will again be one of the best private server Shaiya . This time  we back to stay and more stronger then ever, HP/ MP / SP fixed, Invasion System Working, kills fixed and now we have 31 diferent rankings starting from0 and going into 1 million, the server is instant level with all necessary itens to start are in Action House Npc’s, 100% of itens can be dropped in Game and we have a competently staff ( some members have more then 5 years of experience) .We are starting over , but we will back to the old Glory, so what are you waiting for? download the client check our server and help us to remake the best shaiya private server .

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